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What Does Your Career Score Mean?

Technology has revolutionized the way jobs are found. Social media profiles are the new resumes, and you need to be able to “sell” yourself. Establishing credibility and visibility in your field—whether you’re looking for a job or not—is essential to building beneficial relationships and elevating your online presence.

According to, “One in five employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, and close to 59% of them are influenced by your online presence.”

You already have a personal brand, whether you know it or not. How? Well, if you’re on Facebook or have a Twitter account or blog, you have an online presence. Anything you do online–your posts, tweets, comments, pictures, etc.–are the building blocks of your online persona.

But how do you know what’s out there or how much of a presence you have? With a Career Score, of course! Like your FICO or credit score but based on your online footprint and available only to you, your Career Score provides insight into how employers and business colleagues may evaluate you. It’s a numerical representation of how strong your career presence is online.

Using sophisticated technology, MyWebCareer evaluates over 150 different aspects of your online footprint. Information is then grouped into three categories:

Your Online Profiles


Once connected, your profiles are retrieved from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Your profiles are then evaluated based on how it presents your skills, experience, and reputation to potential employers and business colleagues. Additional online profiles, such as Quora, are also evaluated if they are relevant to your career.

Your Network


Your network is an important element of your professional brand. Not only the quantity but also the quality of connections you’ve made across all your online profiles are evaluated. A merged view of your professional and social networks can be shown. We provide detailed analysis of your network in addition to interactive visualization tools to explore your connections.

Your Search Results


What would an employer or business colleague find if they Google you? We use data from your online profiles to seed searches against Internet search engines. Results we find that may relate to you are evaluated and factored into your Career Score. We provide analytical tools to enable you to explore and evaluate your search footprint.

Do you know what your Career Score is?

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